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No. 1 Lashes since 1971.

ARDELL stands since 1971 for artificial eyelashes of professional quality. Born in Hollywood, ARDELL is today the global market and innovation leader with over 420 different reusable eyelash styles and is sold in more than 150 countries. Our ARDELL eyelashes are very special, created with great attention to detail. They are especially easy to apply, comfortable to wear and up to 15 times reusable. All our lashes are cruelty-free – because we love animals!

ARDELL’s passion is to highlight the natural beauty of each individual, for every occasion and every day. The exchange with our community on our social media channels is, therefore, very close to our hearts – because together with our followers we want to make our lashes and every lash experience even more beautiful. We are happy about every like, every comment & every direct message.
Together we are stronger.

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ARDELL Nail Addict

Over the past 10 years, ARDELL has developed, in addition to lashes, a very strong foundation in the nail-world. The mission of ARDELL Nail Addict is simple: “Discover the way to revolutionize home manicure & feel like fresh from the studio.”

Thanks to the large selection of different application methods and products, everyone has the opportunity to find their favorite. The products are all pollutant-free and convince with their easy use and fast results. Always up-to-date and with complete accessories, Nail Addict facilitates manicure for home.

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From Nature with love: Multifunctional Balms with papaya.

Dr.PAWPAW has made it its mission to develop multifunctional, natural products that can be used every day.

All products are vegan, cruelty-free and certified by PETA – because we love animals.

The main active ingredient in Dr.PAWPAW is papaya. The super fruit papaya has healing properties and is considered one of the best natural remedies. Among other things, the magic fruit is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins C and E, calcium, potassium, iron and proteins and is therefore considered a pure miracle potion for beautiful and well-groomed skin. In addition to papaya, the products also contain aloe vera and olive oil.

The Lip Balms are multifunctional in use. They can be used as pure lip care, but also for the care of cuticles, hair and dry areas.

The Lip Balms are also perfect as a fresh-up all-rounder for in between. Used as a highlighter or blush, the colored balms give your complexion a fresh and natural look.

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