Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Bacodi Webpages – Terms of Use

Welcome to our publicly accessible webpage of bacodi GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “operator”) under the following website address: www.bacodi.de (hereinafter referred to as “webpage”). Please read these terms of use. By visiting the webpage you accept the terms of use of the operator without reservations. Wherever we have chosen the male designation only, this is done for reasons of better readability only. All corresponding designations shall apply to both sexes equally.

1. Access to the webpage

User of the webpage have to be of age; underage persons require the authorisation of their parents. We are trying to keep the webpage accessible for every person without being able to guarantee the said. Maintenance, updating or other causes which are outside of our responsibility may limit the access to the webpage or make the said impossible temporarily.

2. Copyright

The webpage and all components (figurative marks, images, texts, etcetera) constitute intellectual property and are subject to the German copyright law, and potentially to other ancillary copyright laws of the respective copyright holders.

Unless otherwise stated, all figurative marks on the webpage are protected by trademark. This shall apply in particular for figurative marks of the operator, company logos and symbols. Trademarks of licensors and/or the rights to use belong to the licensors or to those, whom the licensor has granted a right of use of the respective trademark. For this reason, we grant the users of the webpage the right to use the webpage for private purposes exclusively.

3. Use of this webpage

It is well-known that the transmission of data on the Internet is not a 100-percent safe, available and unscathed. We assume no liability for any faults, delays, transfer interruptions or break-offs, deletions and failures (in particular by viruses) in data paths, hardware and software which are outside of our sphere of influence, or which can be traced back to unauthorised use or deliberately caused deterioration of the contents on this webpage. We will try to keep the offer on our webpage free from viruses, but a 100-percent guarantee for keeping the webpage free from viruses cannot be given. For this reason, the user is recommended quite fundamentally to ensure adequate safety precautions (including regular updating of his operating system) and virus scanners in order to be able to call up the webpages safely on his side. In order to ensure the integrity of the webpage, the user on his part has to set up adequate safety precautions and has to use virus scanners in order to not transfer any viruses to the webpage of the operator.

4. Content of the webpage

4.1 General aspects

We are trying to keep the data on this webpage up-to-date and correct at all times. On account of the known technical limitations of the internet we cannot guarantee that all data published on the webpage are correct and/or are presented correctly.

n addition, we would like to point out that the contents of this webpage may have become faulty or fragmented by unlawful manipulation by a third party. Faults and other disturbances can be reported to the following e-mail address: info@bacodi.de.

4.2 Links

In case hyperlinks have been placed on the webpage which refer to webpages of third parties, we wish to point out that we have no influence on their contents. Such links are intended only to facilitate your search for interesting contents on the internet. For this reason, calling up such third-party webpages is done solely upon your request, for which you are liable yourself. The respective provider or operator of the webpages is responsible for the contents of the linked webpages. We have checked these linked webpages for potential legal infringements at the point of linking. If linking has been carried out, no unlawful content was recognised at the point of linking. A permanent check of the contents of the linked webpages is not acceptable without concrete evidence of a legal violation. As soon as we become aware of a legal violation, we will remove such a link immediately.

If you yourself want to place a hyperlink on this webpage, please get in touch with us in advance to obtain permission at the following e-mail address: info@bacodi.de.

5. Adaptation of the webpage and of the terms of use

The contents and data of this webpage as well as the terms of use may be changed from time to time, and in particular can be adapted to a new legal situation or may be made more user-friendly. The terms of use in its version as amended shall apply for such changes or additions as well.

6. Hosting

This page is hosted by STRATO AG. Further information can be found at www.strato.de.

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