Beauty Trends 2021 – Which trends await us next year?

Bye bye 2020 – This past year will be one to remember. That’s why we’re especially looking forward to everything new that 2021 has in store for us. A lot has happened in cosmetics in the previous year, so what can we expect from this new year? I am going to take this opportunity to introduce you to two of the most important trends. I’ll also take a look at the trend forecast from Pinterest.

Customized Beauty

Personalisation to the max is a trend that will influence, both skincare and colour cosmetics in 2021. Personalised care enables you to specifically address the needs of your skin. Brands that offer individual care products or even masks with different active substance concentrates that are precisely adapted to the respective needs of the skin type will be on the rise. Large beauty companies continue to work on innovative solutions such as the 3D make-up printer and apps that make it possible to create lipstick colours or even eyeshadow palettes to match your own outfits or moods.

Holistic well-being – Hybrid cosmetics

According to data from the global market research company “Mintel”, approximately 90% of adults in the USA suffer from pain or inflammation. The trigger in many cases is chronic stress, which one third of consumers must deal with. Solutions are increasingly being sought in the non-medical field. According to Mintel, the cosmetics industry in particular can provide relief in this area with mild, anti-inflammatory products. Hybrid cosmetics will play an important role in 2021.

Hybrid cosmetics work conforming to the principle that 1 plus 1 equals 3 or even 4. This means that not only do individual elements achieve an effect on their own, but by combining different active processes, new, additional properties are created. In cosmetics, hybrid products can not only deliver trendy shades with an astonishing finish, they also have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.

A reliable source when it comes to trends is the social media platform Pinterest. The latter predicts the biggest beauty trends for the upcoming year based on the most frequently search queries. I’ve taken a closer look at the three topics of skin care, beauty and hair:

Skincare Trends 2021:

  • Face yoga – For tight facial contours
  • Natural Make-up – Less is more
  • Aloe vera face masks– At home spa routine
  • Homemade skincare – Skinimalism

Top Beauty Topics 2021:


  • Brow bleaching – Unnaturally natural
  • Goth brows– For a striking statement


  • Indie-Style – It’s going to get colourful
  • Nude Nails – Perfect for that manicure at home

Hair Trends 2021:

  • Bubble braids– Revival of this trendy hairstyle for long hair
  • Choppy-Cut – Natural fringed look with many layers

We can be excited about what the new year has in store for us. My tip against the Corona blues would be to try out new things at home in terms of styling and beauty. I have already discovered a few myself. I hope you have fun experimenting!


Quellen: Mintel, WGSN, Pinterest

Beauty Trends 2021 – Which trends await us next year?
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