My internship at bacodi GmbH

On August 03, 2020, I started my first working day at bacodi. I was wonderfully welcomed there, with a confetti covered table, lovely messages and a few product samples. After a short round of introductions through the building, it was straight to work. There was no trace of cliché intern tasks like making coffee and copying.

Since the beginning of my 6-month internship, which I have to complete as part of my Media Management degree program, I have had my own tasks to work on independently. From smaller presentations and surveys to mini projects, it’s all there. I quickly noticed that the knowledge I learned during my studies can be applied quite well (which also surprised me – so pay more attention in lectures in the future ? ). I attend all relevant meetings and it’s not uncommon to be asked for my opinion or the experience and knowledge I gained during my studies.

I have also learned how many individual steps and tasks there are within a project. What seems so “easy” and quick to do for outsiders, is often an effort of several hours. In addition, there are tasks that are ongoing. My daily tasks for example include answering general direct messages and inquiries on the Instagram account of @ardell_de.

Through my internship at bacodi, I learned a lot about the field of marketing and social media – but most importantly, that I chose the right internship and that I definitely want to pursue a career in marketing. As I am lucky enough to continue working at bacodi as a student trainee after my internship, I will hopefully learn a lot more and take it with me for my future.


My internship at bacodi GmbH
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